Web Developer


Web Developer @ Merck

  • Experienced web developer with a track record of delivering successful projects for global Fortune 500 clients
  • Developed hybrid mobile application (iOS/Android) using Sencha Touch Javascript framework for Merck Pharmaceutical
  • Worked as backend developer (PHP) to create website architecture and functionality from scratch for WordPress website (costaricavacations.com)
  • Created WordPress plugin to support loading images from external Razuna CDN server
  • Developed Single Page Application to display college football scores and statistics using Backbone.js and consuming restful services for Gatorade

Created hybrid mobile application (iOs/Android) using Sencha Touch 1.5 and 2.0 javascript framework Technologies: AngularJS, HTML/5, CSS3, SCSS, Compass, Sencha Touch, Backbone.js, jQuery, and Javascript

Back End Developer @ vacationscostarica.com

In Charge of the whole Back End development architecture of the website, I created custom content types, to be used in the Wordpress Admin Section.

Created a Wordpress Plugins to support external Razuna server upload of assest for assets management.

Worked as backend developer(php) creating the content and website architecture and functionality for a wordpress website. costaricavacations.com.

Web Developer @ Gatorade

Worked in the creation of a SPA to display college sports scores/statistics using Backbone.js and consuming restful services

Stack of technologies: AngularJS, HTML/5/CSS3/SCSS/Compass/ Sencha Touch/Backbone.js/ jQuery/Javascript