Front End Engineer


  • Collaborated on building the product web application from an early stage through beta, alpha, and production stages, iterating on functionality, unit testing, and design to provide an accessible, UX, and compliant application.
  • Collaborated with redesigning the product documentation website by doing the whole UI architecture to support dark/light modes using a Jamstack approach.
  • Migrated the marketing www website from WP into GatsbyJS+Headless CMS(Contentful) improving the website speed metrics and providing a better UX and SEO.
  • Coached and led a team of 5 high-performing front-end engineers.
  • Helped to scale the platform from a $0 ARR to almost $1 million ARR

Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, Storybook, Styled Components, Jest, Enzyme, Testing Library, Kubernetes, AWS, Gatsby Cloud