At Stance Socks (, I served as the UI Developer responsible for the functional/UI design, creation, and maintenance of critical components for their global e-commerce website. My role involved implementing full landing pages for global campaigns and enhancing the current UI components while optimizing the styling using BEM methodology.

To achieve this, we used a powerful stack of technologies that included, Node, Magento, and Wordpress, along with tools such as Grunt, Foundation, and Compass. This allowed us to create a website that was not only visually stunning but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the design and development teams to ensure that the website’s user experience was seamless and cohesive. I also worked diligently to ensure that the website was fully optimized for performance and speed, which was critical for Stance Socks’ global e-commerce presence.

Overall, this was an exciting project that allowed me to demonstrate my expertise in UI development and working with complex technology stacks. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase my skills and contribute to the success of a well-respected global brand.