As a Front End Developer at Tansler (, I was responsible for the creation, development, and coordination with the UX/Design Department/Back-End team of new features and maintenance for a real estate web application. This startup was similar to Airbnb in specs, with the only difference being that the user could bid on any number of properties, and hosts were able to decide whether to accept the bid or not. As a result, several components were created from scratch.

My role involved working closely with the UX and design teams to ensure that the website’s user experience was seamless and visually stunning. I collaborated closely with the back-end team to develop new features and maintain the application, ensuring that it was optimized for speed and performance.

We used a powerful stack of technologies that included AngularJS, RESTful Services, and Google Maps API, which allowed us to create a highly responsive and user-friendly web application that was intuitive and easy to use.

Throughout the project, I demonstrated my expertise in front-end development, collaborating with both the design and back-end teams to ensure that the web application met the needs of Tansler’s users. This was an exciting project that allowed me to showcase my skills and contribute to the success of a well-respected real estate startup.