Full Stack Developer Consultant |

  • Migration of current self-served Node instance to a Serverless Architecture using Serverless Application Framework.
  • Migration of Mongo Database to AWS DynamoDB.
  • Refactoring codebase based in node in order to improve performance and code readability.
  • Implementation of ES6 in the website core functions which is the book creation/generation based on user input.

Stack of technologies: Serverless Application Framework, Node JS, DynamoDB S3, Lambda Functions (node) AWS, MongoDB.

Mobile Developer/Fullstack Developer/ DevOps | Talento Humano

  • Responsible for creation of a native mobile application for iOS/Android using nativescript
  • Creation of a single web application Back Office System to manage the web application and mobile application.
  • Creation of backend services using GraphQL to support both application and back office web app,
  • The scope of the project is to have a internal database of all employees and also tracks labor hours along with geolocation for internal use.

Stack of technologies: Nativescript, Angular 4, GraphQL Express Node.js.

Full Stack Developer Consultant | Consortium Legal

Full migration from a old PC application(Windows Application) to a Single Web Application for one of the more import Law Firms in Costa Rica, the MEAN stack was used to implement the Web Application, specifically MEAN.JS, (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) I was the Full Stack Developer in charge of the architecture, planning, take of requirements, implementation, DevOps, deployment and continuous integration of the Web Application. It was a financial application to manage the Law Firm’s cash flow, including deposits, checks and financial transactions.

Stack of technologies: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.

UI Developer | Stance Socks (

UI Developer responsible of functional/UI, creation/maintenance of critical components for a global e-commerce website, in charge of implementation of full landing pages for global campaigns and enhancements of current UI components, optimization of styling using BEM methodology.

Stack of technologies:, Node, Magento and Worpress, Grunt, Foundation and Compass

Front End Developer | Tansler /

UI Developer responsible for creation, development and coordination with the UX/Design Department/Back-End team of new features and maintenance for a Real Estate web application this startup was similar to AirBnb in specs the only difference was that the user could bid for any number of properties and hosts were able to decide if accept the bid or not, because of that, several components were created from scratch.

Stack of technologies: AngularJS, RESTful Services, Google Maps Api.